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Set in the action packed 80s, Code 3 introduces The Beat Partners System. Choose two unique police officers (hardened, salty, inept, drunk, overzealous, etc.), and combine them to create your unique deck of crime fighting cop action. Explore different combinations of Beat Partners by choosing from a massive cast of characters (and K9s!) to take down challenging crime bosses!

You’ll also select a Police Chief, enhancing the powers and flexibility of your Beat Partners. Remember, the crime bosses are challenging! You will need the Police Chief’s help to get out of sticky situations. Just don’t get on the Chief’s bad side, or you may end up in Internal Affairs.

In Code 3 there are many ways to lose, but only one way to win – making tough choices, going goal by goal through a branching story. What choices will you make? Do you play it by the book? Or do you step just outside the line to get the job done? Will you vouch for your teammate in the Internal Affairs interview when you know they're dirty? And will your choices come back to haunt you?

In Code 3 you enter an expansive world of story driven, cooperative, sandbox style, tabletop gaming with a near endless level of replayability! For 2-4 players!


This is a pre art draft. Final rulebook will look much better


 The Cyber Cop Challenge is a unique opportunity for you to upgrade your copy of Code 3 ­– for free!!

Every copy of Code 3 comes with a scenario checklist. Beat them all (scouts honor), let us know (details soon), and we will send you a special reward! That’s right! We will mail you more game content -- the Cyber Cop and his unique deck of officer cards!

And it's all FREE! -- Even the shipping*!

But beware – Code 3 isn’t an easy game. Can you pair the right combinations of officers, police chiefs, and tactics? Is your gaming group up for the Cyber Cop Challenge!?!

Cyber Cop is a truly unique character that adds even more replayability to your copy of Code 3. When he arrives, team up Cyber Cop anyway you wish with your favorite officers, creating new and interesting strategies and combos!

*Free shipping is good in the US only. Small shipping cost for international 

Black Key Games is a collection of lifelong friends, professional gamers, and professional weirdlings! It’s also our dream – we even quit our day jobs to make this a reality. Of course, the real heroes of Black Key Games are our friends and family, and most of all your support!

Black Key Games started with Joust for Fun! And after a successful Kickstarter, Joust for Fun was both produced and delivered early! 

You’ve probably heard the saying – success breeds success! Well, after the success of Joust for Fun, we met a special man named Brandon at our local game shop, Gaming on Grand. 

Brandon and his friends Matt, Brent, Chris, Ryan and Charles crafted and designed Code 3, piece by piece, point by point, over several years! They were very interested in how we successfully drove Joust for Fun from concept to Kickstarter. And we were similarly impressed with the gameplay of Code 3, a game they described as cooperative, similar to Pandemic, and with an 80's action movie cop feel.

Within weeks, a professional alliance was born!

Together we all worked to take the core Code 3 concepts and enhance them with improved storytelling elements and refined gameplay mechanics. Black Key Games is still a small family, but we are proud to add great designers like Brandon. And we are doubly proud of the final version of Code 3, and we think you’ll agree.

We thank you deeply for your consideration to help make the Code 3 dream a reality!

*Code 3 also goes by Code-3 Code3 and Code three

Available Rewards:


Code 3

One copy of Code 3 and all stretch goals. (MSRP $60.00)


  • Code 3
  • All Stretch Goals
  • The Yakuza Chronicles Expansion Pack


Shipping will be charged after 1/1/2020

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Code 3 All In

One copy of Code 3, all stretch goals and all three expansion packs. (MSRP $105.00)


  • Code 3
  • All Stretch Goals
  • The Yakuza Chronicles Expansion Pack
  • The Hill Valley Maniac Expansion Pack
  • The Corrupt Mayor Expansion Pack
  • The Breaking Point Expansion Pack

Shipping will be charged after 1/1/2020


Code 3 All In Group Pledge

Six copies of Code 3, six copies of all stretch goals rewards and six copies of all three expansion packs. (MSRP $630.00)


  • 6x Code 3
  • 6x All Stretch Goals
  • 6x The Yakuza Chronicles Expansion Pack
  • 6x The Hill Valley Maniac Expansion Pack
  • 6x The Corrupt Mayor Expansion Pack
  • 6x The Breaking Point Expansion Pack


Shipping will be charged after 1/1/2020

You will be required to revisit the survey to complete your shipping at that time

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